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Frequenly Asked Questions
Actual questions and answers from iKennel customer service database.
February 14, 2012
Shianna from Denver, Colorado:
Hi, I was wondering if you happened to have a bigger kennel measurements 36" L 26" W 28" H. Thanks!

iKennel response:

If you go to the following link, you can see our prices on extra large plastic kennels.  The price includes delivery.

February 14, 2012
Jan from Columbus, Colorado:
We are getting a male Yorkie for Valentines day and will need a small kennel for him while we are gone and at night. What so you have that would fit a Yorkie, what is the cost and when would you be in Columbus area to deliver?

Please advise

iKennel Response:

The small plastic kennels start at $29.99 and the junior plastics are $34.99.  They can be seen at
Delivery will take 2-3 business days.
If you have any questions, you can always call.

February 13, 2012
Debi from Denver, Colorado:
I am interested in your large dog crate. What is the brand name and made where?

IKennel Response:
The plastic dog crates are made by Kennel Aire.  They are now owed by Petmate.   The kennels are manufactured in Arlington, Texas.  So yes, these are made in the USA.  If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you!

February 10, 2012
Christina from Phoenix, Arizona:
I am in need of a kennel that is at least 40 inches high. For an Afghan Hound. She is 37 inches tall and 48 lbs.

Thank you

iKennel Response:

The largest airline approved crate is 48"L x 35"H x 32"W.  I do not sell the huge size yet, but this is the biggest size they make.  Delta is the hardest to deal with, just try to talk to them and explain your situation.  Every airline is a bit different in regulations and may still let you use a huge crate.  Call if you have any other questions.


February 8, 2012
Jason from the dog forum: On Kennel Cough
This is the result of using used kennels and not cleaning them properly.  BEWARE!!!

My friend says that my dog has Kennel Cough. I saved Ralphie from the shelter and after a few days, he became unmotivated and developed a cough and keeps snorting/sneezing. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? Is this common?

Has he ever been vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough)? Kennel cough is easily spread so I would keep him away from all other dogs until you know for sure. Take him to the Vet, they will give him a cough suppressant. If not, the poor guy will be miserable.
And, yes it's fairly common. My Pug Lola had it last summer. It does pass without medication, but I couldn't stand to watch Lola cough so we took her to the Vet.


both our dogs had kennel cough last year. They make the most horrific sound with it, like they have something stuck in there throat. But ours didnít sneeze with it. The first two days where the worst, but it had more or less gone within a week. We just gave ours cough mixture and honey. But if they do have it you must keep them well away from other dogs for a few weeks.


Sounds like a good possibility. Please don't try human over-the-counter cough suppressant without consulting your vet because only a few types are okay to use in dogs.


My dog had all of the same symptoms when I got him from a shelter - snorting, sneezing, coughing, reverse sneeze attacks, etc. I took him in for his free wellness check and the vet didn't address his symptoms and only gave me literature for reverse sneeze. He got worse and was miserable and coughing all night. I took him to another vet who diagnosed him immediately and put him on antibiotics (he also had an ear infection the 1st vet missed--sad!) By then I'd already exposed him to my parents' elderly dog, so I wasn't happy with the first vet. Anyway, my point is that it is very contagious and can progress quickly. The 2nd vet also told me to use Robitussin at night, but he threw that up so I never gave it to him again. It took awhile to clear up. I'd definitely get him to a vet and keep him away from other dogs until it clears. Did your shelter offer you a free wellness visit? Glad you adopted him!


Yes, should have added that, ours was over the counter mixture , but it was on the advice of our vet.


February 7, 2012
Melissa from Englewood, Colorado:
I am looking for an XL dog crate with an adjustable interior panel. I have an English Labrador puppy so I am looking for the biggest one you have.
Let me know if you have anything I might be interested in.


IKennel Response:

My extra large crates are $109.99.  You can see it here:
The extra large crate dividers are $35.00.  See it here:
(make sure you select the extra large size "42 long crates)

I am a wholesaler in Utah, but we also market to the rest of US.  The shipping to Colorado is free and no taxes.  The price you see is the price you pay!

Any questions just call me anytime.  ***-****


February 2, 2012
Robbin from Phoenix:
Hi, How much are your wire crates in this size? My dog is about 40 lbs, would he fit in a smaller crate? He is a catahoula mix. Thanks, Robbin

IKennel Response:
He may fit into an intermediate wire crate or at most a large crate.

You can see my intermediates here:
large here:

If you have any questions, please call us anytime.  By the way, it is free shipping to Arizona.  The price you see is always the price you pay and no sales tax for you.  You will pay through Paypal, the most secure way to pay on the web!
Shipping usually takes 2-3 business days.  We can offer free shipping because of the volume iKennel, Inc. and Petmate (the manufacture) does. 

Thank you!

February 2, 2012
Mary from Salt Lake City:
My name is Mary ******* and I have rescued a dog from Utah's Perfect Pointers.  Marylin told me to contact you regarding a kennel, as she said your prices were very good.  The dog I rescued weighs about 85 Ė 90 pounds.  I think the crate Marylin loaned me was a Large.  Could you give me the prices for a Large and X-Large crate?
Thank you,

IKennel Response:
Hi Mary,

The large plastic crates are $79.99 and the xlarge are $99.99 plus tax if sold in Utah.  I am a wholesaler in Salt Lake City.  I work with manufactures all around the world to get some of the best quality/pricing.  These plastic crates come from Texas, made in the USA by Doskocil Manufacturing Company.  This is why my prices are low!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  To order, just give me a call and I will help you with the order.

January 30, 2012:
Mr. Fugi from Phoenix, Arizona:
Hello I need hard kennel (not bag) that is airline approved. It will be for a 7 pound Shih tzu.

IKennel Response:
Mr. Fugi,

All our plastic kennels are airline approved.  They have the IATA (international airline certificate) and USDA (domestic certificate).  Our kennels come with an airline kit which includes the "live animal" stickers and food and water bowls.  Some airlines do require metal nuts and bolts.  Our kennels do not have metal nuts and bolts, but you can go to your local hardware store and purchase metal nuts and bolts for a few dollars.  Make sure you check with the airlines for their rules and regulations.  Each airline is different.  Some airlines will not require metal nuts and bolts.  Also, wire kennels are not airline approved, so you have to use plastic kennels.  If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

iKennel Support Team   

January 29, 2012
Nichole from Denver, Colorado:
I need a wire crate for a puppy im getting but dont want to spend a ton of money because I will need to get her first set of shots and puppy supplies.. Please let me know..
Thank you

iKennel Response:
I understand you can not spend a lot of money and this is why I try to help out my customers by offering the lowest prices with the best quality.  I would go with a intermediate plastic crate if money is the biggest issue.  If you want to crate your dog when it is an adult then I suggest getting a large wire crate and purchasing a divider for that large size.  It is a lot cheaper if you purchase a divider rather than a whole new kennel or multiple kennels throughout the life of your dog.  Buy one crate for the entire life of the dog.  If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.


January 28, 2012
Heather from Denver, Colorado:
I'm looking for an extra large dog kennel. I have a mastador puppy and she is going to need a big one. Please let me know if you have one and the dimensions.

Thank you,

iKennel Response:
A Mastador is half lab and half mastiff.  Being that she is a female, she may be a bit smaller, but I would still go with an extra large.  I would only go with the extra large if you think she will be under 120 lbs.  The extra large plastic kennels are $99.99 (  This price includes free shipping anywhere in Colorado.  If you need anything bigger, the only thing I have is giant wire crates

The plastic kennel will come with free bowls (food and water) for crate training.

We offer free shipping because we deal directly with Petmate, the largest crate manufacture in the world and there are over 500 packages leaving their plant everyday.  You can expect the package to be in Denver in 1-2 business days, so it is fast.  I had a guy from Littleton, CO buy from me last week, and it was shipped in 1 day and received in 2 days.

Payments are very easy. They go through paypal and don't require any account.  You just need a credit/debit card and a shipping address. 
If you have any questions, please call our owner Mike at      .

January 27, 2012
DB from Salt Lake City, Utah:

IKennel Response:
I would recommend going with a plastic crate of a medium size.  Do you plan on place thick bedding in the crate?  If so you may want to go with the intermediate size.  If you don't thick bedding inside the crate or if you just place a thin layer like a blanket, then I would just go with the medium size kennel.  You can see the mediums at this link for $45 or the intermediates at this link for $55.  Again you don't pay shipping or taxes through iKennel!  If you need any other advise on crates, just let me know.  Here is my direct number

Thank you,

January 22, 2012
Kris from Littleton, Colorado:

I need to know how fast this company can ship a kennel to me?  I need a a plastic medium kennel ASAP.  My dog is tearing my furniture to shreds!  Hurry fast! 

iKennel Response:
Dear Kris,

Don't worry, if we can get the order in by 1:00pm central time, it will ship today and the medium plastic crate will be there either tomorrow or at the latest the day after.  The manufacture ships out hundreds of packages everyday, so we can make sure that our team will successfully get that package to you, in no later than 2 days!  Of course, this is just part of our free shipping.  You will not have to pay extra.  I will send over the e-invoice to you right now.  Go ahead and just pay with a credit or debit card and make sure you provide your correct shipping address.  If you need help just call me.

Best regards,

January 17, 2012
Barry From Mesa, Arizona:
Hi there,

My wife and I adopted a dog named Cherry.  We need a wire kennel but don't want our credit card on file because of identity theft.  Is your purchasing transactions safe?

iKennel Response:

Dear Barry,

Yes, the safest way to pay on the internet.  This is why we have chosen Paypal.  This way you do not have to give us any payment information.  Paypal is most secure way to transfer money from one person to another.  The best thing is you don't need a Paypal account.  You just need a valid credit or debit card and a shipping address.  The only information that iKennel will see is the shipping address and the amount you have paid.  You must pay in full before the item(s) are shipped.

Thank you,
iKennel, Inc.       

January 15, 2012
Rich From Boulder, Colorado:
I need a crate big enough for a 75 pound lab.  Looking for a cheap plastic crate for indoors and outdoors when I hunt.


iKennel Response:

Dear Rich,

It is very tricky to fit a lab of this size into a plastic crate.  Sometimes you can fit the dog into a large, but usually the correct size is an extra large crate.  It is important to correctly size your dog before purchase.  The easiest way to measure your dog is to map out the dimensions of the crate and see if your dog fits into it.  Another simple way to measure your dog for a crate is to have your dog lay down in whatever comfortable position it prefers.  Measure the length and width of your dog.  If the dog is over 35" inches in length, then you will definitely need an extra large plastic crate for your dog to be comfortable.  If your dog is 35" or less in length, you can purchase a large size plastic crate.  Don't hesitate to ask any questions before purchasing.

iKennel Team

January 12, 2012
Greg from Salt Lake City:

Hey there,

I am interested in one of your two larger sized crates. I have two labs and may want to put them both into one crate of possible.

Let me know the cost for those please.  :)



IKennel Response:

I suggest going with an extra large plastic size
I am a local wholesaler and online retailer, so this is why you can take advantage of such low prices.  Look at those dimensions on my website and see if that works for you.  If you have any questions, you can always call me too.  Also, I have wire crates in the giant size, they are 48" long x 31" H x 28"W. 

iKennel, Inc.

January 12, 2012
Phil from Salt Lake City, Utah:

I'm planning to relocate to Anchorage, AK and I'll need to fly my huge Great Dane/English Mastiff mix dog with me.  He weighs 200lbs and is 33" at the shoulder.

Will your XL accommodate a dog of his size and meet Alaskan Air's shipping requirements?


iKennel Response:

The extra large plastic kennel will not be big enough for your dog.  The extra large is good for dogs (depending on the breed) up to 95 lbs. Unfortunately, we do not offer any huge sized airline crates.  Within a couple months we will have the largest crates on the market available in Salt Lake City.  Also, they will be available for anyone else on this site (  The huge size is 48" long  x 35" high x 32" wide.  This is the largest airline approved crate manufactured by Petmate or Doskocil Manufacturing. 

iKennel, Inc.
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